Today we will discuss 5 adorable Baby Shower Event Planning ideas with you. Parenthood is a beautiful yet tough journey in life. A thoughtful baby shower can lift their mood and make them cheerful. Planning a baby shower is no less than any other event. You should consider the parent’s health condition, guest list, and food. It can feel challenging, but these ideas will make it easy and fun.

Things to Consider:

  1. Budget: Set a budget before the planning.
  2. Time: Think about the time and date to plan the baby shower. Typically it is held in the 7th month. But be mindful of the parents’ health and priorities.
  3. Theme: Pick a theme according to your budget. Discuss with the parents first. Theme can add excitement and make the party memorable.
  4. Venue: Choose a venue that will be easy to commute to. It can be a restaurant, park, or cafe, even in your home or backyard.
  5. Guest List: Create the guest list with the parent. Make sure to include the people who will light the mood and be an emotional support to them. 
  6. Decoration: Try to decorate the place with easy and accessible items. Make it light, breezy, and a happy place for the parents-to-be.
  7. Food and Games: Pick the parents’ favorite and safe food for the menu. Also, some amusing and simple games can make the party cheerful.

Outdoor Party

If the weather is ok and the parents are fine, arrange an outdoor party. Go to a park, make a tent in your backyard or have a bbq party with your close one. It will be intimate and warm feelings for the parents.

Eat Your Heart Out

A simple and easy idea would be having a meal with your family and friends. Tasty food and heartfelt conversation are all you need to be prepared for your new life.

Only Girls Party

A baby shower exclusively for the moms-to-be with their girlfriends can be a great idea for relaxation. Heart-to-heart chat, comfort food, and a cozy evening with your favorite people make the day content and satisfying.

Tea Party

Gather at a cafe or in the backyard of your house. Spread a bedsheet with some comfy cushions, bring fancy teacups, tea or coffee, and snacks. Just like your childhood, have an amazing time with your loved ones.

Kids’ Movie Theme

You can throw a baby shower on kids’ famous movie themes. It can be superhero movies like Wonder Woman, and Spiderman or animation like Toy Story, Cars, or Disney movies like Cinderella, Frozen, etc.

Planning any event can be difficult at first. But it is worth it when your efforts bring a smile to the people. Expecting a baby, and greeting a new member is an important day in one’s life. Have fun with it while considering its delicacy. Show your love and emotional support to the parents. Hope these 5 adorable Baby Shower event planning ideas will help you to organize a beautiful party for the parents-to-be.