Today we will share 7 stunning Couple Entry ideas for Weddings Stage. From the day you said “Yes,” preparation for the best wedding starts. From the engagement party to reception, wedding dress to wedding stage; we want everything perfect. While doing so, another thing to plan is the couple’s entry. 

Be it an intimate wedding or a lavish one, a couple’s entry should be memorable. The celebration starts with them. It is their day. So, the entry should be stunning and lovely. Couples are now trying and experimenting with unique entry ideas. Some love elegance and some are going for simple and sweet couple entries. Let’s explore these couple entry ideas from royal entries to intimate ones.

1. Sparkling Entry

Sparklers will never go out of style. It will add spark to your entry, literally. It is simple yet elegant. The entry will be classy and glimmering. To add another dimension, your friends and family can also welcome you by holding the sparkling lights.

2. Riding through the Entry

Want a cool couple entry? Go for a rickshaw ride, or even better, a bike ride. While a rickshaw can also be used as a prop, it is a fun ride for your entry. Wearing colorful sunglasses, take the coolest entry to your wedding stage.

3. Chariot Entry

For couples who love a majestic or fairytale entry, the chariot will carry this perfectly. It is royal and classy. You can also customize this according to your theme, like adding flowers, customizing the design, etc.

4. Walk hand-in-Hand Entry

If you can not decide, go for the traditional one. Walk with your partner to the aisle, with a smile and a happy family standing beside you. It is easy, no fancy idea. But, it is comforting to know that you are starting a new journey with the person you love.

5. Entry through Dancing

A wedding is a celebration. So why not take an entry while dancing? Another fun way to take an entry to your wedding stage. If your budget allows, arrange some band parties or dhol-walas. Even better, you can ask your friends to be the band parties and to play the drums.

6. Entry in Their Arms

For a romantic couple or a movie lover, it is the best idea. Nothing can beat an entry in your partner’s arms. Play some romantic music in the background, or drums and band parties will also go along.

7. Entry with Blankets of Flower 

Blankets of flowers are a common prop for most bridal entries. But you can use it for couples’ entries too. You can customize the design with different flowers such as roses, bougainvilleas, marigolds, pink-white themes, etc.

There are hundreds of ideas for couples’ entry to the wedding stage. But don’t take the pressure. Don’t think about others’ ideas too much. Do what makes you happy. Choose the one that reflects your identity. Hope these 7 stunning Couple Entry ideas for Weddings Stage will help you.