Today we will share 6 Engagement Party ideas on a budget. “You said Yes!”-now comes the celebrations. An engagement party is a beautiful way to announce your new journey. It is a get-together of your family and friends. Before marriage, an engagement party is the first event to start the wedding saga. 

An engagement party on a lavish budget sounds perfect. But what about a tight budget? Often, couples become worried about the budget. They feel an elegant party on a low budget is impossible. But say no more! We get you covered. With our brilliant ideas, you can plan a stunning engagement party on your budget.

Backyard Party

A backyard party is a great way to have a classy engagement party on a tight budget. You can choose a color theme or go for a bohemian theme. Or, you can simply use the space just as with some twist. Add drapes and curtains with comfy and classy cushions. Set a couch or a central table with chairs for seating arrangement. You can also add some flowers and string lights for a dreamy effect.

Summer Pool Party

If your engagement is summer, then it will be a perfect choice. It will be a refreshing and intimate party to have fun with your loved ones. Arrange fresh fruit juices, cocktails, tropical fruits, and light snacks. Wear summer-friendly attire to play pool games.

BBQ Party

BBQ can never go wrong with any party theme. It will go well in winter, but anytime will be fine. You can have grilled meat, burgers, some music, and slow dance. Put string lights with drapes if it is night. 

Dinner/Brunch Party

A delightful dinner or a warm brunch can be ideal for an engagement party. You can book any restaurant or venue. If you book a restaurant or order food, it will be less hectic. You will not need to spend much money on decorations either. 

Picnic Party

A party with nature is all about picnics. Go to a park or picnic spot with food, drinks, and games. Lay out a tablecloth or comfy mat. You can also take portable chairs and tables. Have a heart-to-heart conversation with food, music, and friends.

Rooftop Party

Not finding any place? No worries! Arrange a party on your rooftop. Announce the good news under those stars in the presence of your close people. Have a pizza and cold drinks, play some music, and seize the day.

Some days are only for you. Engagement day is one of them. Do what makes you happy. If you are hosting the party, think about the couple’s choice first. Don’t worry too much about the budget. You can organize your dream party even on a tight budget with our ideas. Hope you got 7 Engagement Party ideas on a Budget.