The wedding stage is the center of a wedding decoration. Nowadays, people are more into minimal life and minimalistic weddings. They prefer a home wedding to have an intimate and personal event with their loved ones. Creating a wedding stage at home seems daunting, but fulfilling at the same time. It has a personal touch and emotional attachment. With some techniques and patience, creating your dream wedding stage at home can be easy.

Things to remember before creating a wedding stage at home:

  1. Theme: Having a theme can help you to move forward with the design. Also, it adds the sentimental value of the couple to make the day remarkable.
  2. Budget: Having a budget plan before creating a wedding stage at home is a must. It helps to focus on your choice to use the resource effectively.
  3. Colour palate:  Think about the color you want as they represent the theme and your choice.
  4. Space: Another thing to consider to create the dream wedding stage at your home is how much space you can use. Is it going to be indoor like your living room or community space? Or is it outdoor like in a backyard or terrace?
  5. Schedule: You need to check with the schedule like if it’s day or night, and the weather during the time. So that you can have a substitute plan and props according to that.
  6. Guest number: Your guest list is essential to adjust the space and the design. So that, you can have a convenient wedding at your home.

Creating a wedding stage at home:

  1. Use drapes: You can always use drapes as a backdrop. The drapes will be according to your color palate and theme.
  2. Create layers: Make layers with drapes or curtains with a different color from the palate. You can also use flowers or candles for that.
  3. Use flowers: Flowers can give a fresh and natural vibe to any decoration. Choose flowers according to the couple’s choice and the themes.
  4. Use backdrops: If you don’t want to use drapes, you can always go to some premade or customized backdrops.
  5. Lighting: If it’s night, some string lights can change the whole premise. It can create a dreamy atmosphere and make the stage elegant. You can use them as the backdrop or can hang them in a few rows.
  6. Furniture: For a minimal stage a comfortable couch or sofa set with a center table and few chairs can be enough. You can decorate the sofa with some flowers, cushions, and clothes to create layers.
  7. On the center table, spread a soft and graceful table cloth, add some flowers or bouquets, and light up a few candles. There can be cake or sweets, or at least water and snacks. Use some small lanterns, can put a photo frame too. In short, make it easy and simple, so that bride and groom don’t feel overwhelmed.

Additional Decoration:

Create a funny photo booth, keep some space for guests’ speeches, and put flowers, and candles on the floor. There is always something unconventional. After all, it is your special day. Do what makes you happy. Creating a wedding stage at home can feel like a lot, but make it fun and simple. Keep the personal touch and make it your true self.