Here we will share how to organize birthday party at home. Kids are always excited about their birthdays. But organizing one at home can be challenging. Matching with kids’ expectations, energy, and choices is difficult. At the same time, it can be the most precious gift for them too. Although, with a plan and preparation, you can organize a birthday party conveniently at home.

Things to Consider 

  1. Theme
  2. Budget
  3. Space and party schedule
  4. Guest list and invitation
  5. Cake
  6. Food
  7. Decoration
  8. Party activities


Before 2-4 weeks of the birthday party, you should start the pre-preparation. Decide the theme with your kids. There are various themes like superhero movies, treasure hunts, stories, etc. Plan a budget according to it. Create a guest and activities list to purchase party props, gifts, and invitation cards.

Party Preparations

At least 3-2 weeks before, begin working on the party. Send out the invitations. It can be invitation cards or virtual. You can buy cards or create them at home. Set a menu and decide if you want to make or order them. 

Decoration Items

Buy decoration items according to the party theme. Balloons, party banners, candles, confetti, ribbons, and birthday hats are common for decoration. You can also make homemade props like a photo booth. You can hang photos and string lights if the party is at night. 

Foods and Cake

The cake is the center attraction for a kid’s birthday. You should order it a minimum of 2- weeks before the party. If you are planning to order the food, confirm it too. For homemade foods, buy the ingredients and start doing some pre-preparation to keep them ready before the party. Think about the theme, any food allergy, and favorite flavors of your kids and others.  

Party Activities

Create a list of party activities before the party. You can have two lists for adults and kids or a group activity that can include kids. It can be musical chairs, pass the pillow, any board game, monopoly, or even video games can be good options.

Checklist Before Party

Make a checklist for the party to go through the day. From decoration, guest arrival to party activities; include everything and keep ticking off after the tasks are done. You can also add things if you forget something.

Day Before Party

Start with decoration. Wrap the gifts. Set up everything you will need at the party like props, games, and decoration items. Check on the food, cake, and guests.

Birthday parties are fun. Kids’ birthday parties can be hectic considering their delicacy and hard work. But with these steps, organizing a birthday party at home can be effortless. Plan everything and take time. But have fun while doing it. End of the day, what matters is if your kid is happy. So think about what they would like and follow that. 

So you got ideas about how to organize birthday party at home.