There are lots and lots of events that can be important in your life but there is one special one that your entire family always looks forward to. It is different from your first birthday, the first time you walked, nor got to say your first word or even the time you got to graduate from high school or college. It is the day you choose a different life from the one you have been living your entire life. It is the day you say I do.

A wedding is a significant event that normally is supposed to happen once in your life. It is an event that opens a new life where you choose to spend the rest of your life with a partner and this day you making that decision public. It is everyone’s wish, men and women to have an unforgettable wedding. Preparing for a wedding can prove to be strenuous and time-consuming but it is the effort you put in the preparations that make it unforgettable.

Preparations include choosing the wedding dress, the theme, and appropriate colors, choosing the bridesmaids and their dresses, and choosing the venue among others. Invitations are also an important part of wedding preparations. With all the expenses you are going to be running here is an opportunity to make your own wedding invitations. It is simple and you get to create what you really want.

There are many ways in which you can make invitations for your budget wedding; you just have to be creative on how you put the things together to produce an outstanding wedding invitation card. The simplest is to simply type names of the bride and groom in the desired handwriting, make a formal invitation to whoever it is and produce a card out of it with desired colors.

You can then experiment and apply different folding techniques increasing its uniqueness. Or you simply write it down on a card with an interesting background and print it out. The computer can give you a variety of backgrounds to choose from. Below is a bit more involving method of making invitations.

The first step is to get the material required to make the invitations. These include

  • Manila paper or bond paper
  • Strong wood glue and paper glue:
  1. Markers, pencils, felt paper
  2. Ribbon
  3. Tissue
  4. 15cm Short pieces of sticks (your choice)
  5. Glitter or tiny pieces of thin wood, dry grass (less than a cm long) and little sandUse the bond paper (or cut the Manila paper into A4 size sheets) to write your invitation using the felt pens or glitter pens and write your invitation only on one side of the paper. Glue the paper throughout and spread the glitter or the other collection of wood and grass. Leave the paper to completely dry attach the wood stick to one end of the paper using the glue. Once intact you can roll the paper round the wood. You have made yourself a scroll sealed with a ribbon as an invitation

The outcome is just beautiful it is worth a try for your wedding.